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WATCH: Donald Trump’s victory had 5-year-old Muslim girl in tears

People in India huddled together in front of their television sets and sat tensed in front of their laptop screens watching the US President-elect Donald Trump sway his way through the crowd and give his ‘thank you’ speech to his supporters. “This politics stuff is nasty”, he had said then.

The election results were highly surprising with Trump sweeping most of the swing states and racing ahead of the required number of electoral college votes in no time. Hillary Clinton, who was widely expected to win, had to make a concession speech thanking her supporters.

However, a 5-year-old Muslim girl was among many who could not control their tears when Trump was declared the 45th president of the United States. She lives in New York with her uncle Adam Saleh, a Youtuber. Reema was sitting with Saleh when the US election results were declared, and he recorded her reaction before uploading it on Twitter.

He posted along with the video: “Reema is only 5 years old. She knows that we’re Muslim and started crying when she saw Donald Trump winning.”

During his election campaign, Trump had infamously made statements about banning all Muslims from the US, and just like many others of the Muslim community who are living in the country, the little girl probably got scared too, on the prospects of being driven away from her own home.

 “She cried because she would see my whole family being upset about Donald Trump winning and she knows that Donald Trump made racist remarks about Muslims,

” Saleh said to BuzzFeed. Reema’s tears melted many hearts on Twitter and a lot of people reached out to her there Although Reema was fine after a while,

Saleh reportedly said that she was afraid to go to school the next day. How did you react to the news? Tell us in the comments section below

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